Triple H Saved Top WWE Star From Firing?

Triple H seemingly has some good relationship with Sheamus. Wrestling veteran and former OVW manager Kenny Bolin mentioned that the reason the ‘Celtic Warrior’ had a good run in WWE was because of ‘The Game’. Sasha Banks Asks Ex-Diva To Return To WWE



Sheamus is successful due to Triple H?

Bolin made an exclusive appearance on SportsKeeda Wrestling’s predictions video for Extreme Rules pay-per-view scheduled for this Sunday from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Bolin stated that he was not very fond of Sheamus. The former OVW manager stated that seeing Sheamus on the match card did not make him interested. He was of the opinion that Triple H was possibly the biggest reason for Sheamus having a successful run with the WWE:

“I got no use for Sheamus. Shameless is what I call him. Shameless that anybody watches his matches. He might be a nice guy, I know Triple H adores him. In my opinion, the only reason he’s still with the company is that Triple H likes him, they’re workout buddies and all that stuff. He just don’t sell me any tickets. Not in the dark match, not in the mid-card, not in the opening and certainly not anywhere near the main event.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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