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Triple H scouted for Japanese talent during recent WWE tour

WWE will always try to sign more and more talent and further expand its huge roster. They are trying to get superstars from all over the world and that includes Japan.

According to reports, WWE was interested in signing two top stars Joshi stars for the Mae Young Classic and this was one Triple H’s to-do list during the Japan tour.

Wrestling With Demons reports that Triple H was scouting Joshi talents while in Japan. According to the report, he met with Sareee. She is the current Sendai Girls World Champion and World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Champion. So she would definitely be a great signing for the company.

It is also interesting to note that WWE has taken an interest in the Joshi competitors around the same time Kenny Omega and AEW has been giving them quite a lot of attention as of late as well.

  • Sparti Love

    What’s the point? They’ve never shown they know how to fully utilize Japanese talent

  • oppa

    This is why I don’t put all of the blame for WWE’s problems on Vince. They can’t do things with the women they have, and that’s taking into consideration that Sasha, Nia and the Bellas are out. They don’t need to sign more people when they people they do have can go but are stuck in catering.

  • rob

    Why? they have enough jobbers already, japanese wrestlers that can’t cut a promo are not gonna help at all