Triple H Signs Famous Diva After Vince Return

For those who aren’t aware, Chelsea Green was re-signed by WWE quite a while ago. Sometimes news takes time to spread. Try saying that ten times quickly. Either way, it is now common knowledge – as of the writing of this piece – that Ms. Green is back in WWE. 



As per Ringside News, Ever since the regime change took place, one name has been in the talks about making a WWE return – Chelsea Green. With several Superstars returning to the company under the new HHH regime, Green’s name has been heavily rumored to be making a return soon.

Ringside News exclusively reported in November that Chelsea Green is on her way back to WWE. Matt Cardona is also on WWE’s radar, but the company was closer to bringing her in ahead of Cardona. 

Fightful Select has now confirmed that not only is Green signed to a WWE contract, but she has also signed for quite some time. Green also recently shut down her OnlyFans page, and Major Pod has limited the production of her merchandise since her signing.

“Although she hasn’t popped back up in WWE as of yet, Fightful is told that not only is Chelsea Green signed to WWE, she has been for quite some time and is still awaiting creative. We’ve asked her to confirm personally a number of times, but that won’t happen for obvious reasons. Green shut down her Only fans page recently, and Major Pod had to limit the production of new Chelsea Green merchandise as a result of her signing,” Per Fightful Select.

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