Triple H & Stephanie Shoot Down Marriage Rumor In Photo

There have been allegations by Vince Russo that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon may be having issues in their marriage. However, that is seemingly squashed as a recent photo of the couple going out for dinner has emerged on social media.



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WWE veteran Vince Russo recently said that Triple H seemingly hid his relationship with Stephanie McMahon as he didn’t want to hurt Chyna.

Triple H and Chyna were a part of the D-Generation X in WWE in the late ’90s. Their on-screen pairing turned into an off-screen relationship as well. They eventually parted ways in 2000, and The Game  married his current wife, Stephanie McMahon in 2003.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Writing with Russo, Vince Russo disclosed that Triple H began his relationship with Stephanie behind Chyna’s back. However, Russo added The Game didn’t want to hurt the late legend, which is why he did not confess to having fallen for Stephanie for a long time.

Vince Russo also disclosed that Chyna herself told him that she wasn’t hurt by The Game falling in love with Stephanie McMahon but by how she found out about it.

Bro, I will tell you this about Hunter. He cared about her so much bro, she did not know how to tell her. He did not want to hurt her. He knew what it would do to her. It’s not like he was a guy cheating behind her back like he was getting away with something. Chyna told me this herself. ‘Vince, people fall in love. I get it.’ He fell in love with Stephanie. She had no problem with that. She had a problem with the way she found out. But I know Paul didn’t tell her because he didn’t wanna hurt her,” said Vince Russo

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