Triple H on what Stone Cold Steve Austin means to Raw

The Raw 25th-anniversary episode is only a few days away and the show will not only feature stars from both Raw and SmackDown Live but a number of WWE Legends are also scheduled to appear.



One of the legends who has been confirmed to be appearing at the upcoming event is none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin, who is arguably one of the biggest stars the pro wrestling industry has ever seen.

During a recent interview with USA Today’s “For The Win” blog, Triple H was asked what Austin means to Raw and the Game said that there was no bigger star in the business:

“Oh man. In that timeframe, everything. I said earlier those first episodes of Raw almost had this feel of the start of the Attitude Era, but then the Austin timeframe and DX and all that…. It wasn’t the longest run on the planet because of injuries for Steve, but there was no bigger star ever in the business, probably. Just in that moment in time, it was huge. And anytime Steve is around, he just has a personality and an intensity that’s just hard to beat.”

Apart from this, Triple H also talked about Raw moving from a taped show to airing live and the backstage environment while it happened.


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