Triple H Stopped Vince From Firing SmackDown Star

LA Knight is one of the more popular stars in WWE. He is quite over the fans and they love to see him in the programming. However, that almost didn’t happen. If Triple H wasn’t behind the 40-year-old Superstar, then there’s a very good chance that LA Knight would have never received a chance to show the WWE Universe what he can do.



Since assuming the role of WWE’s creative leader in July 2022, Triple H has been responsible for numerous significant decisions, shaping the company’s direction. In a recent interview, LA Knight shared a noteworthy experience where he believed he was on the verge of being released before The Game intervened and altered his character trajectory.

LA Knight made his debut on WWE’s main roster in May 2022, initially portrayed as Max Dupri, the manager of Maximum Male Models.

Having gained popularity in NXT under the persona of LA Knight, the 40-year-old wrestler encountered concerns about his age. This prompted WWE’s decision-makers to propose a transition into a managerial role accompanied by a new identity.

During an appearance on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast, LA Knight recounted the moment when Triple H granted him the opportunity to revive his NXT persona and shared the details of this transformative development.

“Well, let me just go ahead and say this, I’m pretty sure I was fired. And it just hadn’t officially happened yet. Without getting into too many details, some things happened. I don’t remember what it was, but some things happened. And then I had gotten a FaceTime. ‘Hey, you know, we want to keep you around. We want to do this, this, that whatever.’ And, okay, cool. Good.”

“So somehow I had been saved from being thrown off the cliff. At least this is my interpretation of it. Maybe I’m incorrect, I don’t know. And so eventually, just things kind of worked out.”

LA Knight will compete in his first Money in the Bank match, and he plans to win the title in London’s O2 Arena.

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