Triple H Stunned By Real Fight At Bachelor Party

Former World Tag Team Champion Sylvain Grenier recently recounted bare a physical altercation he had with WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) during Triple H’s bachelor party.


Grenier joined the Stamford-based WWE in the early 2000s, where he competed on Monday Night RAW and SmackDown for a few years. Despite his impact, he was released from his contract in August 2007. During his tenure, Grenier had the opportunity to work alongside some of the industry’s legends, including JBL, while sharing the locker room with them.

Speaking to Cafe de Rene, Sylvain Grenier detailed his physical altercation with JBL at Triple H’s bachelor party.

“I saw Bradshaw at the pay-per-view. This motherf**ker. Remember at the Triple H bachelor party [he tried to punch you out] yeah. I saw him coming, he was screaming at us, remember, he used to scream at us, ‘faggot’ and sh*t like that. French faggots. And he stamped up, and me from my background of security in bars you have eyes everywhere, I saw him charging doing a Clothesline From Hell and I bend over and I duck and he hit the guy… Can you imagine if he would’ve hit me? Triple H was there. I heard Vince was there but I don’t remember. Probably Kevin Dunn was there. Anyway, or if I would’ve turned around an beat the sh*t of him. He was drunk out of his a**. He was a big strong guy but I swear to God I would’ve beat the sh*t out of him.” he said. [1:32:03 – 1:33:02]

The former World Tag Team Champion claimed that JBL was a “bully.” He also sent him a strong message.

“You know, I thought about that the other day. There’s a couple of stuff in my life I’m like, ‘ugh, I should’ve…’ Maybe Vince would’ve liked it. (…) But I saw him [JBL] and I was a little bitter. I was like, ‘this motherf**ker was such a bully. He made people’s life miserable.’ I remember how he was f**king with Miz. (…) F**k you Bradshaw. You’re still ugly. You’re still horrible. You’re a f**king jobber now. I’m still in the ring. I’m bilzilonaire.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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