Triple H takes over 205 Live

Vince McMahon has stepped aside, it seems when it comes to 205 Live. According to PWInsider, the chairman has left the production of the show to his son-in-law Triple H. The past few weeks showed quite a serious change for 205 Live, bringing about a new tournament to crown a new champion, as well as bringing in Rockstar Spud, now Drake Maverick, as the General Manager.



Since changing hands, 205 Live has been more about in-ring work than character progression through promos and backstage segments. Vince believed the best way to get 205 Live over with the audience was to make it a character-driven show, which was why Enzo Amore was pushed so far upon his arrival.

While Amore’s transition to the cruiserweight division helped momentarily, they weren’t seeing the numbers that they had hoped. Many backstage believed that if the cruiserweights were presented like they were during the Cruiserweight Classic, the hardcore audience would take it more seriously.

Vince officially handed the show over to Triple H in mid-January, as a way to reboot the brand. The Game is currently running the show, while Jonathan Baeckstrom is the lead writer. Triple H looks to bring up more NXT talent as a way to promote the brand. Most recently, Roderick Strong made his debut for 205 Live, defeating Hideo Itami to advance in the tournament to crown a new champion.

Could Triple H’s vision of 205 Live be enough to save it?

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