Triple H Talks About Sting, Booker T “Firing”, His International Sports HOF Induction, More



– Above is Michael Cole’s latest sitdown interview with Triple H. Below are some highlights:

* Cole asks if Sting is really starting to get to Triple H. Triple H said Sting is good and he was WCW. He brought up the mock “firing” of Booker T on RAW and agreed that nobody in WCW could control Sting – Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, the nWo or Eric Bischoff. Triple H says there’s a reason why Sting never came to WWE and that’s control. Triple H said sometimes you need to just show that you still have control. Cole asked if he enjoyed the Booker segment on RAW. Triple H said Booker made a point and he made a point. Triple H said Sting and everyone else can think Sting is in the driver seat but one man has the power.

* Cole says Triple H has been preoccupied and brought up the issues within The Authority and Randy Orton. Triple H said when you’re a parent, sometimes you have to let the “kids” battle it out among themselves and see where everyone fits in the pecking order. Triple H said when RAW was going off the air this week, it seemed like everyone in The Authority was on the same page. He doesn’t see a problem with letting them work the problems out on their own.

* Cole asked about WWE and NXT going to Ohio for the Arnold Classic this weekend. Triple H talked about his International Sports Hall of Fame induction and said it’s a big thing for him and Arnold Schwarzenegger inducting him is huge. He said the induction goes beyond being great at what you do at your chosen profession, it’s about how you influence people outside of that and that’s what he’s more proud of.

* Triple H talked about the NXT live events in Ohio this week and said it’s huge for the brand. He said the Performance Center tryout at the Arnold will show people what it’s like for a person who wants to try and become a WWE Superstar, what they have to go through, the sacrifice they have to make, the heart & desire they have to have to make it. He called NXT going outside of Florida an awesome opportunity and bragged about how fast the events sold out. He said the brand is on fire, is the most popular thing on the WWE Network and he’s looking forward to watching it grow.

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