Triple H talks about Tommaso Ciampa saying he would rather quit WWE than leave NXT

Tommaso Ciampa’s body has been through a lot of punishment over the years. He went through a lot of hardship in order to get where he is right now. He previously said he would rather quit WWE than leave NXT and work in the main roster.



Triple H spoke to After The Bell, where he discussed what Ciampa said regarding him never leaving NXT. This is something Triple H certainly understands. After all, the main roster is different from the NXT locker room in many ways.

“I think there’s a part of Ciampa that it comes down to wear and tear and physicality of in his current place physically, could he handle the schedule? Could he handle the grind of a full-time schedule on Raw or SmackDown? It’s a different beast. Even though that schedule has dropped and has become more manageable especially if you have a family and everything else.”

“But for him he probably looks at it like look, if I get on the main roster, I have a run that is this long. If I was on NXT with a lessened schedule and a much more manageable schedule, I can do it for this long. He would rather do it for a long period of time and then transition into other things that he really loves.”

Ciampa will definitely be staying with the company for a long time, even if he retires from active competition someday. Till then, he will continue to entertain fans with his in-ring skills.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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