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Triple H talks about Vince McMahon’s expectation of WWE becoming an ‘overnight sensation’

WWE has many things planned for the future of the company, as they attempt to increase their reach to a worldwide audience.

Triple H spoke on the Pat McAfee Show, where he provided an explanation that  WWE is only “scratching the surface.” There will come a day where people will view WWE as more than just a professional wrestling company. He also said that Vince McMahon thinks WWE will become an “overnight sensation.”

“I feel like we’re just scratching the surface. Vince will say all the time, ‘One of these days, we’re going to be an overnight sensation.’ As big as it is now, when you go 20-30 years down the line, you’re really going to start to look at it as the way people [look at] Marvel or Disney.”

“Disney not just about cartoons or princess movies, it’s so much more than that. Marvel is not just a paper comic book company anymore. Where WWE is headed is as a global brand. It is now, but it’ll be so much more in the future.”

We will get to know in due time what becomes of WWE after all the changes are implemented.

h/t to  Fightful for the transcription.

  • Sparti Love

    Disney will likely buy the WWE

  • Rinn13

    Just what the world needs. For WWE to become like modern Marvel and Disney.