Triple H Talks About “Plan B” and Superstar Returns on Raw

– Triple H and Michael Cole are back for their latest sitdown interview, which can be seen at this link. Below are some highlights:



* Regarding Chris Jericho’s return, Triple H said we can’t forget that The Miz also returned and that was epic in itself. Triple H said only Bray Wyatt knows why he does what he does.

* He said it’s interesting how things went down with Paige and AJ Lee. He says knowing how Paige is from NXT, this is far from over.

* Cole asked why Triple H would give Roman Reigns a title shot and he said it’s because the fans want it and in some ways, it’s best for business. Triple H talked about John Cena and Roman Reigns being at the top and how it’s a collision course. He said Cena will have to look across the ring at 3 opponents that could take his title and that is the hard way.

* Regarding trying to help Seth Rollins cash in on RAW, Triple H said moments like that are best for business and the crowd was into it. Cole brought up how Dean Ambrose promised to stop Rollins from cashing in and how there was TNT in his briefcase, not a title shot. Triple H said if Ambrose continues to get involved in things he has no business in, then Rollins might be the one that blows up in Ambrose’s face.

* Cole asked about the “plan B” that he mentioned on RAW. Triple H brought up how we didn’t see Rollins turning and didn’t see his briefcase win coming. Triple H said he’s always a step ahead. Triple H says “plan B” might happen on RAW, Main Event or SmackDown, you never know. He said the plan is already there and he knows. When it goes into effect, nobody else will see it coming.

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