Triple H Talks Stephanie’s Arrest, Lesnar vs. Cena at SummerSlam, Performance Center, More



– As seen above, Triple H and Michael Cole are back for their weekly sitdown interview. Below are some highlights:

* Regarding Stephanie McMahon being arrested on RAW, Triple H said he has been advised not to speak about the case because of pending legal action. Cole asked how she was and Triple H got upset, telling him to move on.

* He picked Brock Lesnar to face John Cena at SummerSlam because he made a guarantee that Cena wouldn’t leave that pay-per-view as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He’s going to fulfill that guarantee and Lesnar is the man to do that. He said Lesnar will get the job done.

* Cole asked about putting WWE’s biggest franchise Superstar in the ring with the man who may have ended The Undertaker’s career. Triple H said it’s good for business and the WWE Universe wants to see Cena have the best possible competition. His job isn’t to protect Cena because he sells t-shirts. Triple H said Cena has done a lot of things and been a lot for WWE but when the time comes, WWE will move on. If Lesnar ends Cena’s career, so be it.

* Cole congratulated Triple H on the one year anniversary of the Performance Center in Orlando. Triple H said it has been an amazing year and the Center is a big step into the future for WWE. He says the talents have advantages no stars before them had and that will make for a better WWE. He added that the future for WWE is bright indeed.

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