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Triple H thought that this RAW undercard Superstar could have been one of the top guys in WWE

Triple H has been a legend in the ring and has been gaining phenomenal success as a booker as well. His NXT brand is a testament to his amazing promotional and booking skills.

However, even the Game can be wrong about some things sometimes. For example, back in 2014, a certain Superstar was picked up from the undercard and catapulted into the upper mid-card.

This Superstar was RAW’s Curtis Axel, who received Paul Heyman as his manager and even went on to win the Intercontinental Championship quickly after his repackaging.

However, his reign was underwhelming and therefore he lost Heyman as his manager and soon got lost in the shuffle and eventually went back to the undercard.

Dave Meltzer was asked on Twitter by a fan if Axel’s elevation into the main card was Triple H’s decision. Meltzer confirmed that it was indeed the case and that Triple H actually thought that he’d become a top guy in the company.

  • Will Henderson

    maybe a combo of both, cause before Axel got his push, he was terribly booked in WWE. and not forget the Genesis of McGillicutty promo too

  • CC

    Was it a HHH mistake or was it just a case of bad booking?
    Look at all the guys he develops on NXT and then when they hit the main roster they tank. Nearly all of that has nothing to do with HHH as once they are on the main roster, it all becomes Vince’s decisions.