Triple H To Bring Back Fired WWE Stars?

Vince McMahon recently announced his retirement from his roles as Chairman and CEO of WWE. It was later clarified that he was also done with his work on creative. Some reports have emerged regarding his backstage performance as well. It was revealed that  Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan will serve as Co-CEOs of WWE, while Triple H is EVP of Talent Relations and Head of Creative. Fans had been wondering how the NXT roster would look like if Hunter was promoted to a prominent position earlier.



Fired NXT stars believe they would have still be with the company

According to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp (via Fightful Select), multiple NXT talents that have been released over the past few years believe they would still be with the company if The Game was in a more prominent position. While another top free agent in the world of professional wrestling has told Sean Ross Sapp that with Hunter and Stephanie taking over the positions they are in now, it “greatly increases the possibility of them eventually heading back to the company.” Other free agents expressed to Sapp that they hope their previous relationship with Triple H will allow them to have an eventual conversation about coming back to WWE in the future.

It has been also reported that ‘The Game’ might sign some top AEW stars down the road including top names like Jon Moxley. According to,  ‘The Death Rider’ might consider returning to WWE as his issues were with Vince. Now that Vince has departed, Mox could make his comeback to WWE.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked if Hunter plans to go after any of those top AEW star:

“Put it this way. If he thinks he can get them, of course! Of course! I mean, even if Vince was there, the idea of taking guys of that level, they would absolutely go for it. Would it be the right move for either of those three people? That’s something that they would have to judge.”


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