Triple H Tried To Destroy Wrestling Company

Triple H himself called up Madison Square Garden to block the G1 Supercard show from happening until ROH owner Sinclair threatened to sue MSG and got their date back, according to Wrestling Observer Radio.



ROH are currently on hiatus, but their talent is working in Impact Wrestling with a new storyline. The Impact World Champion Moose recently appeared on Busted Open Radio podcast. It has been noted that he has turned down several offers from AEW and WWE. He went on to explain why he re-signed with Impact despite getting offers from the top two pro-wrestling companies.

Moose opens up on his decision:

“I just re-signed with Impact in June or July. It was a hard decision because there were other offers. The chance to go to WWE and AEW was out there,” Moose shared.

He revealed that he had set some goals in his mind and joining Impact Wrestling was one of them. Not only that, he had set an aim to achieve the top titles of the promotion, which he has now achieved successfully.

“I’m one of the guys where I have a set of goals I want to accomplish and if I don’t accomplish those goals, it’s not going to sit right with me. There were some goals I had in mind I wanted to accomplish in Impact Wrestling like being the World Champion, being face of the company, and having a real title run because I didn’t consider when I had the TNA Heavyweight Championship as a real run because of the story of how I got it. I wanted a real run with the Impact World Championship just to see how my run would be different from the guys in the past who held it.”

He felt that it wouldn’t be a good decision to leave the company without accomplishing some of those goals. He said: Ultimately, it was my decision to stay and it was a good one. He further stated that he believes several people opt for Impact as they get the freedom of creativity.

Moose began his pro wrestling journey in 2012, after calling time on his football career. He has been a key part of IMPACT Wrestling over the last few years and has held the Impact Grand Championship, TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and now the Impact World Championship.

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