Triple H Trying To Remove Top Name From WWE

Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has reportedly been making last-minute alterations to the WWE programming. According to recent reports, Triple H and Nick Khan were unhappy with how he was doing things. Now, there’s more news about the reality of the situation backstage.



Apparently, there was supposed to be a meeting between him, Triple H, and Nick Khan over interfering with WWE Creative.

Backstage report

According to a report by Fightful Select, the initial rumors about the meeting were probably not true at all. While there were possibilities, no such meeting ended up taking place.

As far as can be understood, no such meeting has occurred or is planned. In fact, McMahon’s position in WWE is such that a meeting like this would only be something that’s recommended. The report stated that Nick Khan and Triple H could not force McMahon out even if they wanted and were helpless in such a case.

The rumor was that Triple H and Nick Khan were planning to ask McMahon to step back from making late, heavy changes. The initial rumor was that the meeting was to take place at the June 26 episode of Raw, which we’ve confirmed did not happen. There were longtime sources that heard of the possibility of a meeting, but also said that they’d never heard it actually took place.”

“Based on what we’ve heard so far, no such meeting has occurred or is planned. Vince McMahon is in a position to where such a meeting could only be a recommendation. Khan and Triple H can not force him out.”

It has also come to light that WWE Superstars mentioned that such a meeting would take place in the middle of the week instead of ahead of RAW, in usual cases.

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