Triple H ‘Turned Down’ WWE Diva For Looks?

Chelsea Green, the former WWE star was once rejected by WWE management, which includes Triple H and Vince McMahon, due to looking too similar to another WWE star.



During a recent interview with Cultaholic, she had revealed that she had pitched in several character ideas in WWE.

She had also expressed her desire to get paired with Billie Kay and Peyton Royce and becoming a third IIconic with a fake Australian accent. Vince McMahon Gave Big Check To Fired WWE

She said:

One of my favorites that I pitched was being a TRIIconic. So like trying to get in and be with them and do a fake Aussie accent and try and split them up, but have them realize that I’m really the crazy one.”

Chelsea Green reveals what WWE informed her

On the most recent episode of her 50 Shades of Green podcast, she revealed that WWE had informed her they would only hire her if either Billie Kay or Peyton Royce don’t pass their medicals because all three look too similar.

She revealed:

“These girls have been my ride-or-dies, especially throughout my time in WWE. Funny story, actually, I was told that I would only get a job at NXT if Cass and Jess, aka The IIconics, didn’t pass their medicals because the three of us look so similar. Which, I actually love now. I think it’s such a compliment. Jokes on them, because they still hired me, right?”

Green is currently the hottest free agent at the moment after being released from WWE in the last month. She has not revealed yet where she wants to work next. We will have to wait to see where she ends up working.

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