Triple H on Undertaker’s future

We noted before how it was reported that the Undertaker would be returning to ring once again at WrestleMania 34 and face the Cenation Leader John Cena.



However, in the wake of his loss to Roman Reigns last year, it’s hard to believe that he will return to the ring and since WWE hasn’t made any official announcement about his status, his future is still a matter of discussion.

During a recent interview with New York Post, Triple H was asked if the Dead Man is retired and the former World Champion said that we should ‘wait and see’:

“I understand why people can’t let go of it,” he said of the character. It’s a hard thing to say that that would be the end. What he has left? I don’t know. We’ll have to ask him. That’s the beauty of WWE. Wait and see.”

The Undertaker will return to WWE Programming during the 25th-anniversary episode of Raw next week and it’s believed that he could be involved in an angle with John Cena.

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