Triple H on whether Mickie James will wrestle in WWE again

Mickie James competed in her first WWE match in six years at NXT TakeOver: Toronto last night when she was defeated by Asuka via submission. The question now is whether James will return to the ring again, and that very question was posed to Triple H by Cathy Kelley:



“I think that’s up to Mickie James. I know first hand the longer you get into your career the harder it is to get up for big events, the harder it is to go up against somebody that’s, no matter how hard you want to push your body, no matter how hard you want to think you’re still as fast and as quick and as strong and as everything else as you were, time tells the truth like nothing else can. She might have come in here with the best of intent but when you walk out of that ring it’s a whole different mindset in gearing up for that and that disappointment. It will be interesting to see. I think Mickie James proved she still has what it takes. I think her next step is up to Mickie James.”

Would you want to see James back?

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