Triple H & WWE Fired Star’s Wife Rumor Leaks

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H recently brought back Bray Wyatt in a huge reception from the fans. He has also brought back series of stars in the recent past. It turns out he will once again bring back another star.



Triple H could bring back Chelsea Green

According to a report by WrestleVotes, WWE is interested in bringing back Chelsea Green, Zack Ryder’s wife, who was among the names to be released by the company last year because of “budget cuts.”

She was released from the company shortly after she was moved from the main roster to NXT. If she returns to the company, she is likely to join the main roster.

WrestleVotes tweeted the following about Green:

“I’m told another name WWE has significant interest in bringing back is Chelsea Green. I would think if a deal is offered, it’s for the main roster. Time will tell.”

If Green returns to WWE, it will be interesting to see whether WWE would also be interested in her husband, Matt Cardona, also known as Zack Ryder, in WWE. Cardona has been able to draw money for several promotions since his WWE departure as he has reinvented himself with a more serious gimmick, unlike the comical character he had in WWE.

While away from WWE, Green made a surprise debut at Ring of Honor’s Best in the World pay-per-view event last July before returning to Impact Wrestling. Fans have been thrilled with the way Hunter has been bringing back the released talents and fans might welcome Chelsea Green back to the company.

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