Triple H Purchases Items at Kowalski Auction, Punk Appears at Hot Topic, Bellas

– The estate of wrestling legend Walter “Killer” Kowalski was auctioned off this past Thursday night. The big event of the night came when Triple H, who was trained by Kowalski, entered the bidding through the internet and walked away with several big items.



Triple H purchased Kowalski’s first-ever wrestling ring robe for $4,250, the biggest item in the auction. When the online bidder checked in, most figured it was Triple H. Said local wrestling personality Richard Byrne, “I’m pretty sure it’s Triple H. I called him and told him they were doing this. He didn’t know about it. So the [WWE] office called and they said wanted everything that’s wrestling [related].”

Triple H also walked away with a pair of Kowalski’s wrestling boots for $650, another blue velvet ring coat for $850 and an awards lot which included Kowalski’s Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame certificate, for $175.

– The Bella Twins were representing WWE at last night’s LA Sparks game in Los Angeles.

– Hundreds of fans showed up for CM Punk’s signing at Hot Topic in Hollywood yesterday. A WWE film crew was on hand so we should see footage online or on WWE TV soon.

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