Trish Stratus Holding A Drawing, Lilian Garcia Hints At Great News, How Old Is Kimberly Page?

— Trish Stratus’ Toronto based yoga studio is holding a fundraiser in order to raise awareness and funds for an organization by the name of Carmelina’s Home, which is a holistic program in the treatment and recovery of addictions, substance abuse and/or emotional issues for woman. It receives no government funding and therefore relies 100% on donations.



For all donations of $30 or more, the multi-time WWE Women’s Champion will personally send you an autographed picture. Furthermore, anyone who donates a minimum of $10 will be entered into a drawing for a vintage ring worn item from her “closet of costume.” Stratus wrote the following:

“And anyone who donates a minimum of $10, I will enter your name into a draw and at the beginning of 2010; I will ‘flip out’ and draw a name. That is, I’ll do a flip video of me pulling the name and the winner will get an item from my closet… I will go deep into the closet of costume and randomly pull an actual worn item, I will sign it, take a pic with it and pop that in the mail for you, how does that sound? And, how about this – if you donate $50 you get 2 entries, and $100 gets you 3 entries, etc. Oh, I love these reindeer games!”

Visit her MySpace page ( for more information. Donations are being accepted through Sunday, January 31, 2010, which is when she’ll hold the drawing.

— Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia will apparently be making a big announcement soon as she hinted at such on her Twitter account earlier today. She wrote: “New Year has started off great! Had great workout, got great news I will be sharing with you guys soon & spending my final day here in SC with my parents :)”

— In today’s birthdays, former WCW valet Kimberly Page turns 41, WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart turns 66, and Rodney of the “Mean Street Posse” turns 39.

A number of websites over the years have listed Kimberly’s birth year as 1970, but it’s actually 1969. Kimberly has a legit account on, and she lists herself as 41 years old (previously, 40). She quit acting in 2006 and is now working as marketing executive in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has also since removed her breast implants.

See photos of a WWE Hall of Famer wrestling in a kid’s backyard! ->

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