Trish Stratus and Lita Reunite Following Raw 1,000, Recall Their Great Moment

Following Monday’s historic 1,000th episode of Raw, friends and former rivals Trish Stratus and Lita reunited backstage for an exclusive video to talk about their big moment on the program—main-eventing against each other on December 6, 2004.



Lita says of the match, “We killed it,” before showing off a Stratusphere™ T-Shirt Trish gave her. Trish adds, “Our match was epic,” with both proclaiming they were “the boys” that evening.

Lita was asked about prevailing over Heath Slater on Monday’s show and revealed she felt bad for him since there were fifteen “of us” out there. Trish says Heath was a good sport about getting beat up.

The defining Divas are then asked which girl is going to lead Raw into show 2000. Trish doesn’t think anyone can while Lita says it’s up in the air and challenges any girl to “grab that brass ring.”

Trish adds, “Take it, if you dare…”

Trish and Lita are show eating cupcakes in the video. Lita added on Twitter: “That was the first of many cupcakes to follow that evening. #FAT1000 #topbitches.” Trish responds, “We earned those cupcakes #kickingasstakingnamesfor6years.”

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