Trish Stratus Looks Like Mess In Backstage Photo

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus recently injured her nose during the Women’s Money in the Bank match and she’s certainly not happy about it. She competed in her first-ever ladder match.



During the contest, Stratus apparently suffered a facial injury. A couple of days after the big O2 Arena event, Stratus posted an angry photo, complete with herself flashing the bird, while getting tended to by WWE’s medical staff.

#ThankYouLondon for giving me a great experience in my first ladder match.

#FYouLynch for messing up my face in my first ladder match.

Stop trying to ruin my face @beckylynchwwe!!!

Trish Stratus didn’t pull down the Money in the Bank briefcase, but fans all over were still saying, “Thank You Trish,” when everything was said and done. We will have to see what’s next for her, but there will probably be a few more big moments before she wraps up her in-ring career.

Trish Stratus brought back a classic look on the July 3 episode of WWE RAW. On the July 3 episode of WWE RAW, when Lynch called Stratus out, she came to the stage wearing a face mask. She stated that “The Man” broke her face at the premium live event, so she was not cleared to compete. Stratus initially teased that Lynch could face Zoey Stark instead before she told the former champion to keep her calendar clear for the match next week.

Seeing Stratus wearing a face mask reminded fans of Stratus’ first WWE run, when she adopted a similar look when she suffered a broken nose in 2004..

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