Trish Stratus Officially Gone From WWE Raw

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is one performer that evolved the women’s division during her time as an active performer. She did the same during her recent return to the company. Trish was a part of the WWE Draft and got drafted to Raw.



Trish had an excellent run in 2023 where she feuded with Becky Lynch. The feud ended when the latter earned a decisive win over Stratus in a Steel Cage Match at WWE Payback this year.

The former Hardcore Champion showed up during the Q&A at the Big Texas Comic Con. She got asked about what would be required for another run in the WWE, seemingly confirming she is now gone and her comeback run is over. The ‘Diva of the Decade’ talked about it in detail and even ruled out a possibility of going to another company.

But again, I’ve been asked by people here, ‘Are you coming back? Do you want to do another run?’ But this is the thing, I’m like… the boxes it has to check. One is the creative. What is the creative? What am I going to come back and do? Is it going to check these boxes? So, I always turn it back to people and go, ‘I might go back but who should I face?’ Tell me, I wanna know.

According to Ringside News, this rules out the possibility of AEW snooping in to avail her services. Trish got attacked by Zoey Stark at the end of her run, but Stratus hasn’t got her revenge yet.

There’s no news on when or whether Trish Stratus will return to the company. If she does, do you think she will have all her boxes checked or will Payback’s steel cage match be the last of what we see her in the WWE?

What do you think of this statement by Trish Stratus? Sound off in the comments.

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