Trish Stratus Posts Scorching Video With Mickie James

Trish Stratus was the female face of the late Attitude Era, while The Rock was the face of male stars during the Attitude Era. There is no doubt that The Rock is still regarded as of the most popular pro wrestlers in the history of the business. He has competed against the best of the best as far as the world of professional wrestling.



This includes someone like Chris Jericho, who has had several matches against The Great One. Roman Reigns vs The Rock major spoilers were also leaked previously.

Trish Stratus took to her Instagram and uploaded a video alongside Mickie James.

Fightful was scheduled to interview Aldis but after news broke that Aldis gave his notice and after he was pulled from this weekend’s shows by the NWA, the interview with Steve Fall was postponed.

Aldis noted that Corgan’s disrespect towards himself and his wife Mickie James in the lead up to and after the inaugural NWA Empowerrr pay-per-view is a “huge reason” for the relationship between Aldis and the NWA souring. It was also stated that both have never spoken about this publicly because Aldis was a top star in the company.

Fightful adds that several women who have regularly appeared for the promotion felt disrespected by Corgan and Trevor Murdoch claiming that there wasn’t enough depth or enough women for a second Empowerrr show.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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