Trish Stratus Shows Backside In Bedroom Photo

Yee-haw! WWE Hall of Famer, seven-time WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus has us going ‘howdy partner’ with this western-inspired, rootin-tootin, cowgirl look on the road to WWE WrestleMania 38! Buckle up buckeroos, Stratus is stealing the show as she showcased it on social media via Instagram. Here, Trish can be seen posing in some delightful form-fitting blue jeans and a seductive top. You can check it out below.



During a recent interview with E.T. Canada, Stratus would discuss how former WWE and WCW star Fit Finley played a big role in her development. Credit to Wrestling Inc for the below.

“There would be no Trish Stratus without Fit Finlay,” Stratus explained. “I can tell you that. Like, he really, also like, you know, no changing of the guard. There wasn’t, he was an invested interest in the women and helping, like for me, my M.O. at one point had become like, and seeing, you know, what I knew I could do, but seeing what I was only able to do in the ring, my M.O. was like, I want to change the perception of what a woman could do in the ring and sports entertainment. And so he was on board for that and it took someone to be on board to be like, ‘Yes, I see’. And to see it too, I see it too. Because like, some of the old school people didn’t see that. They didn’t see that the women could do this other side of things.

Trish would continue: “So him for sure, and he’s not unsung, he is a sung hero,” Stratus continued. “But Brian Gewirtz is someone that, he’s a writer for WWE and he was a huge, you know, part of my really good juicy work that I did and working, you know, with my promos and he was really good. I mean, he worked with The Rock a lot. That was kind of his guy and I got the chance to work with him. He’s really good about tapping into who you are and then just way over, and flying your personality out there and keeping it real. Because I think that’s like, the real, the authentic superstars are the ones that people resonate with them, because they feel that. And so, just obviously you take it, you amp it up, you know, a few decibels when you’re out there. But, yeah, he was really fun to work with and had a good impact on my career.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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