Trish Stratus Shows Backside In Gym Video

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus recently took to her Instagram account and posted a video clip flaunting her shredded physique. Her caption read:



“No excuses #midnightworkout #backworkout #latpulldown

Strarus recently named two of the on-screen rivals that she wants to see join her in the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame. In 2013, Trish Stratus took her rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame, being inducted by Stephanie McMahon. Appearing on Casual Conversations with The Classic, Straus named two of her most ferocious in-ring rivals that she feels deserve the same accolade:

“The aforementioned Mickie James, that’s for sure. I’d like to Victoria [get inducted]. Soon would be great. I think she’s well deserving. I think she’s underrated. I do so many interviews, and people ask me about different feud and different rivalries.”

“I feel like when we were [competing], women’s wrestling was just turning the corner as far as being taken serious. Those matches with her that people [see] like, ‘Oh, this actually legit, and this is a viable part of the entire show.’ So yeah, Victoria for the Hall of Fame.”

Victoria recently returned to IMPACT Wrestling where she is known as Tara, while Mickie James is the current IMPACT Knockouts Champion, winning the title for a fifth time at January’s Hard To Kill event.

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