Trish Stratus Shows Backside In Workout Video

Trish Stratus has been a statue of all that is good in the post-life of a professional wrestler. Trish has gone from being one of the most dominant in-ring wrestlers of all time to being very one with herself and spreading inspiration through exercise, diet, and positivity.



On Trish’s Instagram, she has made it a solid home for all things that go along with being a role model for her fans who have stuck with her outside of the wrestling ring. The comments on her videos and photos are really great to read as they are always full of such amazing comments that give back to her great energy that she takes the time to share with everyone on her page.

Most recently, Trish posted a video of her doing yoga on Instagram as she said: “I feel good … I knew that I would now…You know when you’re so crazy busy and you say I don’t even have time to workout.. guess, what? That’s exactly the time to workout! It’s about the stop, the pause, the breather, the one-on-one time for you. Not to mention the goodies that come with it – release of yummy endorphins, aka the happy hormone and serotonin which all help get your brain to tell you to ‘feel good’.”

Not only did Trish take this time to embrace the power of working out, but she briefly touched on her mental health and personal life.

She continued: I’m running on my serotonin high right now… it’s getting me through the frenetic pace after @cangottalent audition week, flying back and forth for @ricomiccon and hosting @breakfasttelevision… this is just what I needed in between to fuel me cause mama is back on a plane tomorrow to the UK for @mcmcomiccon in Birmingham with @themickiejames via @primetimeappearances! We got this, LFG. Namaste friends 🧘🏼‍♀️💪🏼🙏🏼”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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