Trish Stratus Shows Behind In Stretching Video

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus recently took to her Instagram account and posted a video clip doing yoga. Her caption read: “Turning in and tuning out 🖤”



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WWE star Zoey Stark recently joined hands with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus at Night of Champions, helping the legend to defeat Becky Lynch. Stark and Stratus have been a thorn in “The Man’s” side ever since, but Lynch will finally get her hands on the seven-time WWE Women’s Champion in a steel cage match at the upcoming Payback premium live event.

During an interview on “WWE’s The Bump” YouTube show, Lynch spoke about her rivals’ relationship.

“I think they’re just both using each other,” Lynch said via WrestlingInc. “I don’t think they’re BFFs. Absolutely [Stark is using Stratus too]. That woman is incredible. You’ve seen her in the ring; she’s absolutely amazing. I’ve said it since the time she was in ‘NXT,’ she is a phenomenal athlete. She has intensity, she has grit, she has a passion for this industry.

“But the other thing about Zoey is she’s looking for an easy way. You look at her and go, ‘That woman is gifted.’ And sometimes, when you’re gifted and things come naturally to you, you don’t want to go the hard route. So if she sees somebody who’s in a number one spot, like Trish Stratus, she goes, ‘Oh well, I’ll get more eyes on me this way.’ Then she’s going to attach herself to Trish Stratus.”

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