Trish Stratus Thinks That It’s Time For The WWE Divas To Main Event A PPV Event

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus has posted a new blog entry over at her website where she gives his thoughts on Paige and WWE Divas Champion Charlotte getting the main event segment on last night’s episode of RAW. She wrote the following:



I’m just enjoying the fact that we are having conversations about women who are killing it in male dominated sports. And, to see it cross over to the squared circle like it did last night was incredibly smart timing on WWE’s part. A big congrats to Paige and Charlotte for earning their spot in the main event. A well-deserved accomplishment that they both proved to be ready for.

Next, it’s time for us to see ladies on the current roster get a main event spot on a PPV card – it’s clear they’re ready, and so are we. Besides, putting their top athletes into the main event spot is what WWE does, gender shouldn’t be a factor.

Here’s to more kick assery in and out of the ring, and to more ladies fighting to show we deserve the same respect, recognition and opportunities as our male counterparts in the same industry. Lord knows we fight/work just as hard for it!

You can read the entire blog here.

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