Trump Accused Of Having Secret Grandchild

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner recently slammed the co-hosts of The View for stating that the former President Donald Trump “probably” had a secret grandchild he wouldn’t acknowledge, just like President Joe Biden via Media Ite.



“The liberal media has long ignored this bad look for President Biden, but the topic went viral after the scathing New York Times op-ed,” Faulkner said. “It lead with the headline, ‘It’s Seven Grandkids, Mr. President,’ and the piece didn’t sit so well with co-hosts of The View.”

Fox News showed tape on The View co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Sara Haines discussing how “Maureen Dowd should find something else to write about,” other than the controversy over Hunter Biden’s four-year old daughter, Navy.

GOLDBERG: When you start talking about people’s families and what they’re doing, I find it unnecessary. This is not anybody’s business. Nobody needed to know about this. This is private.

GRIFFIN: I do feel like if it was Trump, we would talk about it, is the thing. If Trump had a grandkid he doesn’t acknowledge.

HAINES: He probably does.

The comment from Haines caused Faulkner to raise her eyebrows and quip, “Wow, so classy on that show, it’s amazing,” while other Outnumbered co-hosts could be heard saying, “What?” and “Oh.”

In her piece, Dowd laid out the nitty-gritty of the Biden controversy:

In his 2021 memoir, Hunter wrote dismissively about Navy’s mother, Lunden Roberts, whom he met when he was spiraling into addiction and going to Washington strip clubs. He wrote that the women he had sexual encounters with during his drug “rampages” were “hardly the dating type.”

“I had no recollection of our encounter,” he said of Roberts. Yet he put her on the payroll of his consulting firm as a personal assistant while she was pregnant. About three months after Navy was born, Hunter took away Roberts’s company health insurance.

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