Trump Adds Massive Name To Potential VP List

Former President Donald Trump recently added another name to his possible Vice President list via WLT Report.



Till now, Dr. Ben Carson, Rep. Elise Stefanik, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance, and Rep. Byron Donalds have all received vetting documents from the Trump campaign as possible VP picks.

On Wednesday, Trump added the Governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, to the list. Youngkin and Trump also met at Trump National Golf Club in Loudon County, Virginia, to discuss how Trump will win Virginia.

When questioned if he was considering Youngkin as a potential VP pick, Trump shared that Youngkin was great and is considering him as a VP.

The Daily Mail reported that it was the first time the two leaders have met and comes as speculation continues to swirl around who Trump will select as his running mate.

The outlet reported that they did not discuss Trump’s open vice presidential position, but rather about how to win Virginia in 2024. It has come to light that the leaders specifically talked about strategies to win voters over including about honing in on the economy, inflation and the border crisis.

Trump has also teased that he will announce his VP pick at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

He told Fox News’ Aishah Hasnie on Thursday that his running mate was ‘probably’ in the room where he held a meeting with Senate GOP lawmakers, but that he would wait until the convention to announce.

Trump also called Youngkin ‘great’ and said he would consider him for VP.

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