Trump Allegedly Caught Insulting His Own Supporters

According to Mediaite, former aide to Vice President Mike Pence, Olivia Troye, took to The View to express her criticism of former President Donald Trump for what she described as his private contempt for his own supporters. Troye, known for her accusations of White House negligence regarding Covid-19 while serving on the administration’s task force, shared her perspective on Trump’s behavior.



Troye stated that what frustrated and angered her the most was Trump’s apparent lack of common ground with his supporters. She claimed that he spoke disparagingly about them in private meetings, highlighting the stark contrast between his public image and private opinions.

The former aide also revealed the personal impact of her criticism of Trump. She mentioned that some members of her own family were unhappy with her status as a Trump critic, making Trump’s secret disdain for his supporters all the more troubling to her.

The discussion on The View led host Joy Behar to question whether Trump would ever invite his supporters to his Mar-a-Lago estate, suggesting that this apparent disconnect between the former president and his base raises doubts about the sincerity of his relationship with his followers.

“What is so frustrating and angry to me is the fact that he has nothing in common with any of his supporters,” Troye said. “And I detest the way he speaks about them, like when he would talk about them in meetings. It was so disparaging to them.”

“They’re very upset that I am a Trump critic,” Troye said, referring to her family. “I think about them and I’m like, ‘I hate the way you speak about them sometimes behind closed doors.’”

Host Joy Behar amplified Troye’s point.

“Would he invite any of these Trump supporters to Mar-a-Lago, is what I’d like to know,” Behar said. “I don’t think so.”

Harrison Carter
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