Trump Allegedly Unable To Pay Massive Bill After…

Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen recently took a shot at former President Donald Trump on CNN over the looming payout in the just-concluded fraud trial — which figures to be in the hundreds of millions.



The fraud case brought by Attorney General Letitia James (D) has concluded with closing arguments on Thursday, presided over by Judge Arthur Engoron. The state is seeking $370 million and other penalties against The Trump Organization. There were unexpected fireworks during the trial.

On Friday’s edition of CNN News Central, anchor John Berman asked Cohen to respond to Trump’s attacks following the trial, but Cohen instead taunted his former friend about the financial pain to come:

“DONALD TRUMP: That witness took back everything that he said. He took back everything he said in court. Took it all back.

JOHN BERMAN: And here now is Michael Cohen, former attorney for Donald Trump, author of revenge and host of the Mayor Culpa podcast. Michael, nice to see you. I just wanted to give you a chance to respond to what Donald Trump said.

MICHAEL COHEN: Is there a reason, really, to respond? I mean, he makes things up on a regular basis, and no matter how many times that Olina Harbor or Chris Kise or Donald Trump attempt to denigrate me and to impugn my credibility, the one thing that we all know, the one thing that Donald knows, which is why he looks so terrible.

It’s why he looks so nervous and preoccupied, is that the bill is coming and he doesn’t have the money to pay it!

So sure, why not attack the witness? Why not attack the judge? Why not attack the judges? Law clerk? Attack everybody? Because what Donald Trump knows is that he was handed a business by his father, to which he destroyed. And now that’s going to be his legacy.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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