Trump Announces Big Case Will Get Dropped Before…

Former President Donald Trump has predicted that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg may ultimately drop the case against him due to mounting challenges from the defense attorneys. Trump voiced his belief on his Truth Social account, suggesting that Bragg, who Trump alleges never truly wanted to pursue the case, may opt to save money and restore the respect of his office by dropping the “ridiculous” and “unpatriotic” case. Trump also speculated that dropping the case would allow Bragg to focus on addressing violent crime, which he claims is rampant in New York.



Trump pointed to the perceived dilemma involving Judge Juan Merchan, whom he describes as Trump-hating and appointed in 2009. Trump suggested that Merchan would face pressure from the Radical Left Democrats and the challenge of explaining a potential loss in the case to them.

Before sharing his prediction on social media, Trump addressed reporters outside the courthouse, where he expressed his view that the case was negatively impacting the state of New York.

“New York has got to do something about what’s happening because you look at Judge Engoron, you look at Judge Kaplan, what they’ve done, it’s disgraceful. Everyone’s laughing at the New York system and companies are leaving, people are leaving, but major companies with tremendous taxpayer dollars and employers of millions of people, literally. People are leaving, they’re taking their companies and they’re all watching this case,” he said before being joined by Republican Rep. Bob Good who expressed a similar sentiment.

“You got a corrupt judge whose daughter is one of the leading fundraisers for the Democrat Party, having raised $100 million. That’s the judge’s daughter!” he said. “This is a crooked sham trial.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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