Trump Announces President Opponent Has Dropped Out

Donald Trump is in no mood to spare anyone at this juncture. The 45th President of The United States recently took a jibe at former Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) who dropped out of the Presidential run and decided to endorse Nikki Haley for president.



The owner of the Trump Organization didn’t mince his words for his former ambassador to the United Nations. Trump had previously praised Haley, but considering his current position in the polls, he seems irked by Haley.

Will Hurd, the Republican from Texas sent out a tweet talking about how he has dropped out of the presidential race. He also praised Nikki Haley in the tweet. Trump, on the other hand, has boycotted the first two primary debates. He plans to continue it this way due to his sizable lead.

According to Mediaite, Trump called the former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley a ‘Birdbrain’ on the Truth Social platform. Donald Trump is also fighting charges of fraud in New York. He has taken some time off from the legal process and is currently contesting for his presidential candidature.

It’s about time! Will Hurd, the failed former Congressman from the great State of Texas, who decided not to run for Congress again because he did an ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE JOB (ZERO Personality!), and couldn’t win, has just now decided to drop out of the 2024 Presidential Campaign where he, likewise, drew “flies!” He is a nasty and jealous guy, who truly doesn’t have what it takes. Luckily for him, he couldn’t make the Debate Stage, but went out with a bang – He endorsed Birdbrain!

The state of affairs is constantly changing in the attempt to become the 47th President of the United States. While no one can confirm who will be voted to power in 2024, Donald Trump seems to be a contender to the office. He is leaving no stone unturned in making it a reality.

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