Trump Attacks Friend After January 6th Testimony

According to Mediaite, at a court appearance linked to the ongoing fraud case brought against him by New York Attorney General Letitia James, former President Donald Trump made scathing remarks about Mark Meadows, a key witness in the case. In response to a reporter’s question regarding his concerns about Meadows potentially providing damaging information, Trump vehemently denied any possibility of Meadows cooperating with investigators. Trump asserted that his interactions with Meadows over the years led him to believe that Meadows staunchly believed the 2020 election was fraudulent.



Trump, taking a dig at the Special Counsel Jack Smith and the prosecution team, suggested that they were coercing individuals into fabricating stories by using the threat of severe penalties or the promise of immunity. Trump insinuated that some might succumb to this pressure while others would not.

According to ABC News, Meadows, who has reportedly been cooperating with the Special Counsel and his team under a grant of immunity, had allegedly communicated to Trump that the allegations of widespread electoral fraud were unsubstantiated. However, Trump vehemently contradicted these claims, maintaining that Meadows had always been convinced that the election was rigged and stolen.

REPORTER: Are you concerned about Mark Meadows (inaudible)

DONALD TRUMP: I don’t believe that because I’ve spoken to Mark Meadows many, many times over the years, and he strongly believed the election was rigged.

Now, of course, you know, deranged Jack Smith and the prosecutors, they go after somebody for years and they say, look, here’s a story. We’ll give you nothing. We’ll erect a statue to you or you’re going to go to jail for ten years for having done nothing wrong. So, you know, a lot of people have to make that decision. Some people would never make that decision. Other people would.

But Mark Meadows always felt it was rigged, the whole thing was rigged. It was rigged and it was stolen. And because it was rigged and stolen, our country is going to hell.

You take a look at the border and you take a look at Israel that would have never happened. If you take a look at Ukraine, that would have never happened. Our country is going to have to, just look at energy, energy independent. We were and now we’re not energy independent. We’re not even close with buying energy from Venezuela and lots of other places. And we have more liquid gold under our feet. We’re a crime-ridden nation. We’re a nation in decline, all because of a rigged in stolen election. Thank you very much.

During his impromptu address to the reporters before entering the courtroom, Trump veered off the topic of Meadows and delved into a familiar tirade, citing various global issues such as the situation at the border, conflicts in Israel and Ukraine, and the nation’s energy independence. Trump attributed these issues to the alleged electoral fraud, claiming that the nation was in decline due to a rigged and stolen election.

Despite being under a gag order, Trump’s comments were made as the gag order was temporarily lifted pending a ruling on his motion to have it overturned. As the legal proceedings continue, the tensions and controversies surrounding the 2020 election remain a focal point, with Meadows’ alleged cooperation adding another layer to the complex web of investigations and public scrutiny.

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