Trump Attacks ‘Jewish Politicians’ And Says…

Former President Donald Trump recently blasted “Jewish politicians abandoning Israel” and said “You have to stop Israel’s war on terrorists” but also that Israel must “complete their war on terror” and “do it fast” via Mediaite.



It has been noted that the cops in New York City tracked down on a group of pro-Palestine protesters who took over Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall and stormed the building with a show of force.

Trump called in for a phone interview during Tuesday night’s edition of Fox News Channel’s Hannity as the crackdown unfolded. It has been noted that at one point Trump delivered a rant that included an attack on Jewish legislators based on the anti-Semitic “dual loyalty” trope, and an incoherent mashup of anti-and-pro-war rhetoric that host Sean Hannity felt compelled to try and translate:

HANNITY: I’m having a hard time understanding. Why don’t members of Congress, why aren’t these students, why aren’t political figures understanding that there is good and evil here, and radical Islamic terrorism is the evil part of this?

TRUMP: Well, I’m watching Jewish politicians abandon Israel. And I have seen it and you have seen it. Where is Schumer? Why isn’t Schumer speaking up? He was always out there in front.

Because he’s looking at votes, I guess. And I guess he’s looking at maybe more votes than represent Israel, but that has nothing to do with it. You have to stop this war on terrorists. Israel’s war on terrorists — October 7 was beyond violent. It was things done to people that nobody had ever seen before, to babies.

And a lot of people, people that are out there protesting, they deny October 7 ever happened. October 7 did happen. And it was horrible and violent and disgraceful. And it’s got to be stopped. You can’t have a thing like that.

And when you have people out there protesting and they’re denying that October 7 ever took place, they’re either brainwashed. In a certain way, I really believe they are brainwashed, because you look at some of the comments. They say none of this stuff happened. And we want Israel back.

The fact is, you have to get Israel back where it belongs, because what’s happening in Israel right now is really not sustainable either. We have to let Israel complete their war on terror. It’s a horrible thing, but they have to do it, and they have to do it fast, and we have to get back to order. And people have to respect law and order in this country.

They don’t respect it anymore. The United States worldwide is not respected anymore. And we have to gain back that respect from other countries quickly.

HANNITY: You know, you said something, and it’s something I think most conservatives agree with, and I would hope, I wish that most Americans would agree, that if a country is attacked and their citizens are murdered and taken hostage and raped, that they do have a right to defend themselves.

And what I’m hearing you say tonight is, Israel should have the right to win the war, but you’re saying win it and win it quickly.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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