Trump Attacks ‘Nasty’ Fox Host After Sad Interview

Former President Donald Trump recently alled his interview with Bret Baier ‘nasty’ in a new Newsmax interview.



“Everything was unfriendly, no smiling. No let’s have fun, let’s Make America Great Again. Everything was like a hit. You have a hostile network.”

Kash Patel, the former Trump-era defense department official turned children’s book writer, joined Fox Business Network on Monday and offered his assessment of the state of play in Russia.

Patel was asked by another former Trump official, Larry Kudlow, how the march on Moscow by Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin impacts the conflict in Ukraine.

“Does this have any impact on Ukraine? I mean, the Russians, they’re not pulling out of Ukraine or they’re not going to give up more. Does it have any impact at all on Ukraine?” Kudlow asked.

“I think it has an absolutely enormous impact on Ukraine that tilts in the favor of Russia,” Patel immediately replied, taking a counter view from many observers who believe Russian President Vladimir Putin was weakened by the very public act of defiance.

“Because, as I said, even if Vladimir Putin doesn’t pick up all 25,000 mercenaries who, by the way, operate all over the world, including Africa, places where we the United States of America directly engaged them, even if he picks up half that number, he’s just picked up the equivalent of a special forces intelligence operational unit that he doesn’t have to train, that he’s given a hall pass to in terms of any criminal conduct,” Patel argued.

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