Trump Attacks ‘Super Predator’ At Church

Former President Donald Trump made a strong impression during a campaign event in Detroit, where he rallied supporters and criticized President Joe Biden on several fronts. Speaking at a policy roundtable aimed at raising awareness, Trump addressed issues like immigration and the impact on the black community, framing them as critical concerns for his audience.



Trump emphasized his stance on immigration, arguing that illegal aliens were negatively affecting job opportunities within the black community. He received applause as he spoke about these issues, highlighting Detroit’s challenges despite not being designated as a sanctuary city.

During the event, Trump launched his “Black Americans for Trump” coalition, positioning it as a response to a similar group supported by the Biden-Harris campaign. He aimed to secure support from black voters who he claimed had been let down by Biden, citing the president’s role in the 1994 crime bill and referring to him as the “king of the super predators,” a term Biden had used in the past that was widely criticized.

Trump also reiterated his commitment to securing the border, promising to conduct what he described as the largest deportation operation in American history on the first day of his administration if elected. This tough stance resonated with attendees concerned about immigration, the economy, and public safety, making Trump’s message appealing to many present.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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