Trump Backer Pleads Guilty After Tucker Carlson Attack

Tucker Carlson, the former FOX News host talked about how Ray Epps was responsible for the January 6th insurrection. He kept targeting Ray until things slipped out of control and Epps had to hire a lawyer to sue the company.



It looks like Carlson was right all along, as Epps has pleaded guilty for the January 6th insurrection. Epps was charged on Tuesday for the turn of events in 2021. There was a time when it was noted that he was a federal agent who was planted to provoke non-violent protestors.

Ray Epps then became the talk of the town, and many conspiracy theorists in the right wing started targeting Epps. According to Mediaite, there was a time when his photograph was used by FBI’s Violence site, but was later deleted. It gave some the belief that Tucker was right and the Federal Bureau of Investigation was trying to save him.

Now we’ve asked Ray Epps on this show repeatedly to explain why he thinks he’s escaped prosecution, and we’ll ask him once again tonight, and we’ll keep asking because we think it is a very obvious and important question.

Carlson was quick to raise questions on it, and said that he would continue to do so until Epps doesn’t answer. While everything turned out ok, and Epps has now pleaded guilty, there was a time when he sued Fox News.

Fox’s portrayal of Epps has caused Epps significant damages, as a result of the false statements, Epps has suffered the single and indivisible injuries discussed previously, including but not limited to: being harassed and receiving death threats; forced to spend money to protect himself and his family; forced to give up his businesses and sell his home; forced to flee and live in isolation; and forced to face financial ruin, loss of income; loss of earning capacity loss of business and business opportunities; suffering, both mental and physical in nature; mental anguish; public humiliation; anxiety; loss of sleep; and loss of appetite.

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