Trump Backtracks After Drug Use Attack

It has been noted that CNN commentator and New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman relayed that former President Donald Trump is cognizant of having made a mistake that “humanized” President Joe Biden during their first debate in 2020 via Mediaite.



Biden and Trump are set to participate in their first debate this cycle on Thursday. Speculation has abounded as to whether Trump will have a repeat performance of 2020’s first debate, where he interrupted his opponent and the moderator more than 140 times.

Haberman recently appeared on Tuesday’s episode of The Source on CNN, where she reiterated her prediction that Trump will be “mean” to Biden. She also stated that the former president is aware that going after Biden via his son Hunter Biden – who was convicted this month on three gun-related charges and is also under indictment on tax charges – may not be the best strategy.

“You saw Trump at a rally the other night saying, ‘Should I be nice or, you know, should I be very mean?’” Haberman said, paraphrasing Trump. “And I suspect he will interrupt less and I suspect he will be mean because I think that is his speed when it comes to being on the attack.”

“Mean in the sense of what?” host Kaitlan Collins asked. “Like, attacking Hunter Biden?”

“So, I’ve heard conflicting things about this,” Haberman replied. “I think that inevitably when the question of Trump’s criminal conviction comes up, there is a real chance Trump is then going to turn it around about Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden is the son of a president, but he is not running for president. And so that is just a different thing.”

Haberman went on to state that Trump’s campaign believes that invoking Hunter Biden “is a way to get under President Biden’s skin,” but she offered a caveat about the younger Biden’s drug addiction.

“Now, Trump is aware that his own attacks on Hunter Biden in that first debate in 2020 humanized President Biden,” she added. “It basically gave President Biden an opportunity to say, ‘My son is an addict and he had a struggle that a lot of Americans have.’ And Trump came off looking incredibly mean and belittling to an issue that a lot of people struggle with. I don’t know that we’re there now. This is just a very different moment in time.”
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