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Donald Trump posted on Truth Social during final arguments in New York. “BORING!” “FILLIBUSTER!”



Former President Donald Trump recently revealed on Monday that the mass deportation of illegal immigrants during a second Trump administration would be carried out by local police before adding that he would like to give officers “immunity” to crack down on crime via Mediaite.

During a recent interview with Trump at the Libertarian National Convention this past weekend, libertarian commentator Tim Pool asked, “I know that you’ve said there’s gonna be the largest deportation effort in your next term. How do we do it?”

Trump replied:

So millions and millions of people are coming into our country and it’s not necessarily exactly what we want or had in mind. They have open borders where people just flow in and many of those people are coming from prisons, many of those people frankly are murderers, and they’re drug dealers, and they’re coming from mental institutions, and they’re coming from places that are not gonna work very well. It’s not gonna be very good for our country, so we’re gonna start with that, and we have to get them out. No country can sustain what we’re going through. I believe the number is 15, 16 million, could even be 17 million people right now.

“How do we do it, though?” questioned Pool. “I mean, is it gonna be new personnel?”

Trump explained:

“It will really be done with local police. Do you know, the respect has been taken away, the honor has been taken away from our police forces. They’re not allowed to do anything, and whether it’s libertarian or not libertarian, people have to have, you have to have law and order. You can’t have 500 people walking into a department store and just walking out with everything they have, and we have to give honor and respect back, and I believe immunity because, you know, so often when a police person does their job they end up with no pension, they end up with no house, they end up with no family. Everything’s taken away from them. They have to get their own lawyer. So we’re gonna give them back their dignity and their strength.

He concluded, “The local people know the criminals we’re talking about. They know their first name, their middle name, and their last name. They know everything about them, and we’re going to have to let them do that, and they will bring them in. We have no choice.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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