Trump ‘Begs’ Republican Woman To Come To Home

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter didn’t mince words in her fiery response to former President Donald Trump’s recent attack on her. Trump had taken to Truth Social, his favored social media platform, to label Coulter as “washed up” and “a Stone Cold Loser.” This unexpected online feud had political circles buzzing.



In his posts, Trump unleashed a tirade against Coulter, portraying her as an overly demanding and attention-seeking figure who had become a burden to those around her. He recalled her initial support for him, including her prediction of his 2016 election victory. However, he emphasized that her behavior had soured, and he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. Trump concluded with a final jab, branding her a “Stone Cold Loser.”

“Ann Coulter, the washed up political ‘pundit’ who predicted my win in 2016, then went unbearably crazy with her demands and wanting to be a part of everything, to the consternation of all, has gone hostile and angry with every bit of her very ‘nervous’ energy,” he wrote. “Like many others, I just didn’t want her around – She wasn’t worth the trouble!”

Coulter swiftly fired back on Twitter, hitting Trump with a powerful retort. She claimed that Trump had personally invited her to his Bedminster property that week, but with one condition: she could record a Substack session with him. Coulter then unleashed her strongest insult, calling Trump a “GIGANTIC PUSSY” and accusing him of being too afraid to face her. This scathing response further escalated the feud and made headlines across the nation.

The dynamics of this feud were intriguing due to Coulter’s history as one of Trump’s most ardent early supporters. She had accurately predicted his unlikely 2016 victory and was a vocal champion of his campaign. However, her support waned over time as Trump failed to fulfill numerous campaign promises. Coulter eventually turned into one of his most outspoken critics, even expressing satisfaction at his loss in the 2020 election and accusing him of betraying his loyal supporters. This clash between once-allied figures showcased the shifting alliances and strong personalities that continue to shape the political landscape.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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