Trump ‘Blind Sided’ As He’s Called To Testify

Donald Trump was in shock as he was called to testify in the witness stand on Wednesday. Trump had this unexpected turn of event during his trial in New York. The former president has been talking against this case on every occasion. He even went ahead and talked about it on Wednesday, during a moment between his trial.



Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen testified against him for the second day in a row. He was the state witness against his former employer. Donald Trump stepped out and called Cohen (without naming him) “very partisan.” A reporter also asked Trump that “President Trump, did you violate the gag order just now?”

Trump was in the witness stand when he was asked by Judge Arthur Engoron about who he was referring to in his comments. Due to the unsatisfactory answers, Judge Arthur Engoron fined Trump with $10,000 for violating the gag order. He has been charged with $5,000 in the past for violating the gag order and naming the court staff.

Anderson Cooper: Kaitlan, any sense on how this is going over in the Trump orbit?

I mean, I can guarantee you that when they all woke up this morning – Trump’s legal team and Trump himself – they did not think he would be actually called to the stand today. But, this is a result of nearly every day when he has gone into the courtroom here in Manhattan, he has spoken to reporters, railing against the attorney general here in New York, going off on the judge, of course – what the judge believed going off on one of his law clerks again today after he already posted pictures of her. That was the reason he got that first fine.

According to Mediaite, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins appeared on Wednesday’s AC360 and was sure that Trump’s legal team didn’t anticipate when Trump was called in the witness stand on Wednesday.

Judge Arthur Engoron found Donald Trump and his Trump Organization liable for fraud in the case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James. The case states that Trump Organization overvalued his assets to get favorable loan terms, but underreported them for Tax purposes.

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