Trump Brags After Woman Assault Accusation

Former President Donald Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to boast about a recent civil jury ruling that found him liable for sexually abusing former Elle advice columnist E. Jean Carroll in the 1990s. Trump expressed frustration over the Department of Justice’s decision not to defend him in another defamation lawsuit filed by Carroll, claiming that the DOJ concluded there was no substantial basis to believe Trump was motivated by more than an insignificant desire to serve the United States Government.



In his Truth Social post, Trump criticized the DOJ’s refusal to defend him, suggesting it was part of a political witch hunt. He described the Carroll civil case as a miscarriage of justice and a scam. Trump claimed that the trial was unfair, with the opposing side given extensive leeway while his side was unjustly silenced by a biased judge. Trump’s lawyers, out of respect for the Office of the President, advised against his testimony or presence at the trial.

Trump expressed his disbelief at the outcome of the trial, where he was ordered to pay $5 million in damages to Carroll. He reiterated his denial of the rape accusation and emphasized his lack of knowledge about Carroll. Trump alleged that Carroll fabricated a ridiculous story, wrote it in a book for publicity and sales, and sued him for defamation. He strongly declared his intention to appeal what he deemed a travesty of justice.

The jury’s ruling in May awarded Carroll $5 million after finding Trump liable for sexually abusing and defaming her. Initially, the Department of Justice had planned to represent Trump in the ongoing defamation suit, arguing that his statements were made in the scope of his office as the President. However, new information and context, including Trump’s deposition and the verdict of the previous Carroll lawsuit, caused the DOJ to reconsider. In a letter to Trump’s legal team, DOJ lawyers cited the jury’s findings of sexual assault and suggested that Trump’s motivation may stem from a personal grievance unrelated to his presidency.

The ongoing legal battles and public controversy surrounding these cases highlight the complex and contentious nature of the accusations against Donald Trump, as well as the differing perspectives on his accountability and the role of the Department of Justice.

Page 1: The DOJ will not defend me in the E. Jean Carroll civil case, which is all part of the political Witch Hunt, lawyered up by a political operative who I just beat in another case, financed by a big political funder, and “judged” by a Clinton appointee who truly hates “TRUMP.” The statements that I made about Carroll are all true. I didn’t Rape her (I won that at trial) and other than for this case, I have NO IDEA WHO SHE IS, WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE, OR ANYTHING ABOUT HER….

Page 2: The Carroll civil case against me is a Miscarriage of Justice and a total Scam. The trial was very unfair, with the other side being able to do and present virtually anything they wanted, and our side being largely and wrongfully shut down by an absolutely hostile, biased, and out of control judge. My lawyers, due to their respect for the Office of the President and the incredulity of the case, did not want me to testify, or even be at the trial…..

Page 3: The net result of this horrible INJUSTICE, where a completely unknown to me woman made up a ridiculous story, wrote it in a book to increase publicity and sales, I correctly disputed the story and got sued for Defamation, whereupon a hostile Judge and Jury shockingly awarded a woman who I don’t know, have never known, and don’t want to know, $5,000,000, while at the same time throwing out the Fake Rape claim. WE ARE STRONGLY APPEALING THIS TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE!!

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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