Trump Bringing ‘Evidence’ Of Rigging To Trial

Donald Trump is not letting his 2020 Presidential Election defeat sink in. The 45th President of The United States still believes and wants others to believe that his claims are true.



While there are people from his team who are pleading guilty and stating that all of this information is false, Trump wants to continue his stand.

The owner of the Trump Organization is putting everything in power to make sure that people believe his statement. Jim Jordan is also one of those that stands behind Trump and accepts that the elections were rigged. Trump doesn’t want to accept that his re-election bid didn’t work. He doesn’t want to accept failure.

Does anyone notice that the Election Rigging Biden Administration never goes after the Riggers, but only after those that want to catch and expose the Rigging dogs. Massive information and 100% evidence will be made available during the Corrupt Trials started by our Political Opponent. We will never let 2020 happen again. Look at the result, OUR COUNTRY IS BEING DESTROYED. MAGA!!!

According to Mediaite, Trump took to Social Media and announced that evidence around his claims will be made public soon. It’s interesting to note that Trump has never stated anything around proof until now. Now when things are in the trial mode, Trump wants to spill the beans by talking about evidence.

Donald Trump knows that the people who believe his claims are becoming fewer with every passing day. It’s this willingness to stay relevant that he wants to do, say or share anything that would suffice his claim. A bigfoot is still a real thing because no one could prove that it doesn’t exist, and that’s the same situation with Trump and his allegations.

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