Trump Brutally Explodes At Biden And Minorities

Former President Donald Trump is seemingly laying the groundwork to claim election fraud again in 2024, baselessly suggesting in his New Year’s message that the Biden administration is allowing immigrants to enter the US to vote.



“As the New Year fast approaches, I would like to wish an early New Year’s salutation to Crooked Joe Biden and his group of Radical Left Misfits & Thugs on their never ending attempt to DESTROY OUR NATION through Lawfare, Invasion, and Rigging Elections,” Mr Trump wrote in the afternoon of 30 December.

“They are now scrambling to sign up as many of those millions of people they are illegally allowing into [our] Country, in order [so] that they will be ready to VOTE IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 2024,” he added.

MTrump’s New Year’s screed followed a previous post just after midnight early on Saturday, in which he wrote, “It’s becoming more and more obvious to me why the ‘Crazed’ Democrats are allowing millions and millions of totally unvetted migrants into our once great Country”.

“IT’S SO THEY CAN VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. They are signing them up at a rapid pace, without even knowing who the hell they are. It all makes sense now. Republicans better wake up and do something, before it is too late. Are you listening Mitch McConnell?” he asked of the Senate Republican leader.

NBC legal analyst Joyce Alene wrote on X that “Trump is preparing to claim the 2024 election was stolen from him when he loses”.

Writer of former House of Commons clerk Eliot Wilson wrote on X that “Trump, because he’s not especially sharp, can’t help but act in a way that is really obvious and transparent. But the cultists don’t care”.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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